New Membership Application

VERY IMPORTANT: This is a part of your new membership application process. Please note:

  • If applying for Voting membership - you must upload your CV using the link below. *For Voting Membership Developing World - you must upload your CV and evidence of residence in that country. Copy of work ID or drivers license is fine.
  • If applying for  a Non-Voting membership category - you must upload your CV and one sponsoring letter from the head of your training program.

To upload your document(s), copy the link, open a new tab in your browser and paste it there. Come back to your application, complete it and click on the submit button! Once you have submitted your application - go to the new tab you opened with the document upload link and upload your document(s).

If you do not click on the Submit button after completing your application - the application will not be completed or submitted to us!

Your application will not be complete without these documents!

Thank you!


Please do not forget to follow the instructions and upload your required documents listed above!

You may copy either of the links to paste them into a new browser and upload your documents!